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I Admit, I Use Discipline, I Think That’s What It Is

I’m retired and have been for seven years, from the age of 60. It’s quite probable that when I was at work they would have said I’d retired before that! I had the good fortune to be more or less my own boss, though I was employed,

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Aquarium advice – so what’s wrong with that?

Not long ago I was hanging about in an aquarium shop having a good look at what was on offer – aquariums, fish, corals etc. The equipment to go with the aquariums was interesting too (I can never quite get my head around the very high price tags on some of it). Anyway, to continue.

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So Why Do You?

So why do you keep a salt water aquarium? Or a fish only aquarium for that matter?

This came up because a television man had occasion to come through my hall and saw my aquarium. His first comment was “that’s beautiful” which to any aquarist is music. A few things were explained to him about corals, the fish, and how much maintenance was needed.

He was only given a bare boned outline of the aquarium etc, not a long winded boring lecture. He looked at me and asked “So why do you keep an aquarium then?” My reply was that I enjoyed it and found it relaxing. He nodded and off he went.

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I needed a bigger tank.

Aquarists with a salt water aquarium usually (ignoring fish only systems) fill them with fascinating life forms of the reef. This can be soft corals, hard corals and a host of other potential inhabitants.

In the setting up stage great efforts are made to ensure that water quality and lighting are adequate, and the overall habitat is suitable for the inhabitants. The aquarium should then thrive, with the permission of nature and perhaps a little bit of luck.

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