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T5 Aquarium Lighting – Suitable For Which Corals?

Aquarium lighting for a reef aquarium is very important. It is second in importance only to seawater quality. The lighting system needs careful consideration if corals are to prosper. In a fish only system the lighting is not particularly important. The fish need to see and also be seen, that’s

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Base Your Lighting On Your Livestock Or Your Livestock On Your Lighting

This article is aimed more at aquarists who are interested in keeping corals. Aquarists who decide to keep a fish only aquarium do not need to concentrate on lighting as much as aquarists who keep corals do. Fish only aquarists need to use lighting to create a day/night cycle to

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Have You Ever Looked At Your Aquarium In Natural Daylight?

My aquarium is lit by metal halides therefore the light provided is quite bright. I use 14K lighting as well as supplemental actinics. Normally the aquarium does not receive any natural daylight as blinds have been installed to prevent this, however the other day whilst I was doing my maintenance

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Aquarium Lighting Advance

In years gone by aquarists lit their aquariums with tungsten lights. They probably had no idea of spectrum, probably had lots of algae growth, and I would imagine the heat output would have caused problems too. Methods advance. Nowadays there are two main lighting systems, fluorescent tubes and metal halide

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The Metal Halide Reflector – Are They All The Same

Choosing aquarium lighting primarily depends upon what you hope to keep in your aquarium. If you are keeping a fish only aquarium then you can provide effective lighting using fluorescent tubes. If you are hoping to keep a reef tank then the corals you hope to keep as well as the depth of the aquarium will determine what lighting requirements you will need.

The majority of soft corals do very well under fluorescent lighting (T5, T8 etc), however if you are serious about keeping a tank full of hard corals then probably metal halide is the best for you. LED lighting is another alternative however for this post will not be covered.

No matter what type of lighting you choose to use there is one thing which you must be using.

A reflector.

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The Lighting Cycle – What Is It

Our everyday lives are controlled by time. We may not like it but that is how it is.
On the wild reef things are much the same. I know, reef life doesn’t have a lunch hour! What they do have is dawn, day, sunset and night.

Life on the reef is controlled by these changes in light intensity. Daylight fish prepare to disappear into their secure holes when sunset arrives. Night life prepares to emerge. At dawn it reverses.

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