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Nano Tanks Are Smaller But Do They Need Less Work?

A nano marine aquarium is one which at the smallest end is around 10 gallons capacity and at the largest around 30. They can be fish only or reef, but of course the capacity for fish and corals is restricted. Most aquarists dream of an aquarium which

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Is A Nano Tank Suitable For Beginners?

A beginner is more likely to make mistakes than when some experience has been gained. That is true for most things including keeping a marine aquarium. A larger aquarium, as large as can be fitted and afforded, has always been the normal advice to a beginner. This

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Does A Nano Reef Need A Protein Skimmer

Nano reef aquariums are now very popular, because their size means they can be fitted almost anywhere in the home, and there are ready built systems that can be matched in to the home décor. Nano reef systems are small, meaning that they can be anything up to a net 50 gallons. Some are very small, only 10 gallons or so.

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Nano Systems – They’ve Been Categorized – But They Still Need Looking After

We all know what is meant by a nano system, don’t we? It’s a very small marine system of, say, 10 gallons or less that is dedicated to a fish or two, and a piece or two of live rock.. That’s right, isn’t it?

Well, no, it isnt. It may be that I’m uneducated (and I’m not saying that possibility is unlikely!). A nano system is now placed into any of three categories.

First of all, the nano is a system under 50 gallons. I’m not sure if this refers to the gross or net capacity of the aquarium.

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