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Why Is There Scum On The Water Surface

A couple of days ago we received an email from a young man who has just started out in this hobby and has setup a small salt water aquarium.

He was very apologetic for contacting us but had noticed that there was a large build up of what appeared to be scum on the water surface and was hoping that we would be able to help him find out what it was, is it detrimental and how does he remove it.

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Oxygen – It’s Important, It’s Essential.

There are coral only reef aquariums. There are fish only aquariums. There are mixed reef aquariums. There is one essential item that must never be overlooked. The pet dog needs it. The aquarist needs it. The aquarium livestock need it.


Oxygen is an essential item in the aquarium, I don’t think anyone would argue about that. Yet this is one item that many aquarists do not consider when they are at the planning stage.

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