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Oh, no, nitrate…

…and I don’t know why. I’ve live rock and everything seems fine at the moment, but I’m worried.. These words are quite understandable. Over and over again mention is made of seawater quality and how important it is – in fact seawater quality is the number one

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Algae – It Makes A Lot Of People Give Up

Thousands upon thousands of potential aquarists make the decision to start a saltwater aquarium, be these fish only or reef aquariums all around the world. Unfortunately a lot of these aquarists ultimately give up in this amazing hobby. There are many reasons as to why people give

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Nitrate – The Ongoing Problem

I answer numbers of questions concerning various aspects of marine aquarium keeping. Looking at the subjects of all these questions it seems one of the biggest problems that is faced by aquarists is excessive nitrate (NO3). If it is not a problem the subject seems to puzzle

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Remember To Harvest The Algae In The Algae Bed

In a saltwater aquarium it is preferential to have both nitrates and phosphate as well as various other nutrients at the lowest possible level you can achieve.

Growing algae in the sump or in the refugium is an excellent way to remove nutrients from the water column, good examples which are nitrate and phosphate.

Once established the algae in the sump/refugium can reduce the nutrients to a very low level.

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Algae Blooms In Saltwater Aquariums

At various stages of the saltwater aquariums life there will be various algae blooms that will occur.

When these occur the aquarist should not feel despondant.

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