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Are Rotating Powerheads Any Good?

There are several important factors that should be present if a marine aquarium is to be a success. In both fish only and reef aquariums seawater movement is one of them. One reason for the importance of movement is oxygen intake, if it is adequate the seawater

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Closed Loop Water Circulation

As with many things in this hobby closed loop circulation is a subject matter which can be quite confusing. This topic has been briefly covered before however in this article I hope to cover this area in more detail. Water circulation in an aquarium, especially a reef

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Why The Emphasis On Seawater Movement?

Seawater quality is a high priority in a marine system, and without it the aquarist is going to have niggles and problems. Maintaining seawater quality nowadays is easier with all the technical support equipment available, for example the protein skimmer and the high quality dry salt mixes

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