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An Attached Quarantine Tank

Having a quarantine tank is generally accepted as ‘a good thing’. Strangely, the majority of marine aquarists don’t use one, instead throwing caution to the winds or at least relying on good luck. Perhaps they obtain their fish from sources where they are guaranteed to have been successfully quarantined. Anyway,

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How to setup a quarantine tank.

Ok, yesterday I posted about why a quarantine tank is so important and why every aquarists should at least consider using one. Since then I have had loads of emails asking me how to set one up – so here goes.

You can use a tank which can be either glass or acrylic – it does not matter which, neither does it need to be large. Think about it how many fish are you actually going to be keeping in it – one, possibly two. Of course if you keep large fish then you need to take this into consideration when planning your quarantine tank.

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Why don’t more aquarists use a quarantine tank?

To this day it still amazes me how few aquarists actually use a quarantine tank within their home aquarium setup.

Instead of using a quarantine system they are more than happy to risk all the animals when introducing a new member into the aquarium.

I appreciate that there is only a small slight when purchasing new fish, corals etc however the risk is there and it is not something which should be taken lightly.

All responsible aquarists should follow some basic guidelines which it comes to purchasing new animals. Actually it probably goes back a bit further than that – the word I should have used is ‘researching’.

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