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Red Slime Algae And Its Control

The questions that arise about algae seem continuous, particularly those algae types that are considered a nuisance. New aquarists running a fish only aquarium or a reef aquarium can be subjected to the displeasure of nuisance algae, and the methods of dealing with the problem are all basically the same

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Natural Algae Control – Does It Work?

This question is posed by many aquarists, whether their pride and joy is a reef aquarium or fish only aquarium. Algae can be a terrific addition to the system, if the aquarist wants it.

Algae can be a friend to the aquarist, either in the sump or even the display aquarium, in the control of nitrates and phosphates. Caulerpa is the type normally used for this purpose. Encrusting calcareous algae is also a welcome addition, as it appears in lovely colours and enhances the display. Algae can also be a pain, in some cases causing the aquarist to nearly tear his/her hair out.

The very first point when discussing algae control is that the seawater should be of high quality, with very low measurements of nitrate and phosphate. Nitrate should be below 10ppm (parts per million) particularly in a reef system, (a fish only system can go somewhat higher but levels should be minimised) and phosphate not higher than 0.03ppm. It is probably better that the levels are undetectable. Nitrate and phosphate are known nuisance algae nutrients. To assist desirable calcareous algae, calcium and alkalinity should be controlled. In a hard reef aquarium, calcium will be probably added, but other systems can benefit from around 400ppm or higher as well. Alkalinity can be kept at a level (it will fluctuate) of 3.0 to 4.0 meq/l – this is higher than natural seawater but is advantageous.

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A Big Welcome To This Algae

Overall, marine aquarists are a happy lot. It’s not surprising really, the hobby can be quite challenging, is certainly fascinating, and, after a period of just sitting looking at the aquarium, calming.

Unless of course the aquarist notices something that is wrong. Action is quickly taken to put it right. If there is potential to harm the inmates of the aquarium then calming it certainly isn’t.

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Coralline Algae – Love It Or Hate It

Coralline algae (which is a red algae with a calcerous based skeleton), in my opinion adds colour to the aquarium. Once it starts to cover the live rock numerous shades of red add a certain different aspect to the rocks. You have probably seen aquariums like this either in person or in pictures.

Coralline on the glass though – it is a different opinion – at least for me it is.

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Problematic Algae – The Reefkeepers Nightmare.

Algae is a problem for most salt water aquarium keepers at some point in their adventure, the secret with algae is having the knowledge as to why it grows and how to actually prevent it.

Of course not all algae is problematic, for example corraline algae can be quite pleasant to the eye. It is a nice colour, spreads over the rocks giving them a nice appearance – until it starts to grow on the glass, then it can become a nightmare.

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