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What Is An Invertebrate?

To avoid becoming a squishy heap on the ground humans have a skeleton. Quite a good invention really, not having a skeleton would cause quite a few difficult problems. Humans aren’t alone with the possession of a skeleton of course; there are all sorts of life forms that have one

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How About An Apple?

Most marine aquarists are only too happy to have something different in their aquariums, as long as that something fits in with the current population. The apple being talked of here is the Sea Apple which is definitely different! As can be seen it’s colourful too. An aquarist who has

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Can You Imagine Them Yesterday? – Yesterday They Couldn’t Imagine Us

Wild coral reefs don’t think (if they could) in terms of ‘yesterday’ as we understand it. Yesterday could be a thousand years ago or more. This is the wild reef overall of course, not the multitudes of organisms that make it up. The ‘yesterdays’ in that case could be as

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