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The Creation Of A Marine Aquarist

Phase 1.

I had to go down to town today. There’s this pet shop, thought if I have time I’ll pop in for a look when the car’s fixed. As it happened I had loads of time, so had a long look round. It was quite interesting. For sale were a lot of aquariums of many different sizes and shapes. Expensive though, the ones with equipment on. Had a look at the fish too. Wow! The colours and shapes were amazing. A salesman asked if he could help, said I was just looking round. He said the fish were tropical marine fish. He also showed me corals. I never knew these were available at all.

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Danger And The Saltwater Aquarium

What wonders our reef or fish only aquariums are. There can be no argument that they are a thing of beauty, with inhabitants created by nature. To sit and watch a marine aquarium is to enjoy calm. Diving or snorkelling on the wild reef is very similar on a large scale. Nature is showing off, anything I can do you can’t do better. Colourful fish in swarms against a blue background and under a rippling silver sky. Corals in many colours, some swaying to the music of the sea. What an idyllic scene.

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My Dream Saltwater Aquarium

We love our marine aquariums, don’t we. The money we spend on them, the time we spend on them. Not to mention the time we spend just gazing at them.

There’s always the feeling that it could be a little better, isn’t there. Not always the existing aquarium, either. Now experience has been gathered and methods are fully understood, the possibilities that could be achieved are realized.

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