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What Is A Hydrometer?

Aquarists use all sorts of equipment to maintain the water quality of their aquariums, and very important water quality is! One piece of equipment every aquarist should have without exception is a hydrometer.

The word hydrometer conjures up a vision of a highly sophisticated, scientific and technical item. Well, it isn’t. There are hydrometer types that are suited to the vast majority of aquarists, and more advanced and very accurate types that would be suitable to the super keen, super dedicated and “nothing is too good” aquarist. We’ll look at the common hydrometers.

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Watching The Aquarium Is Important

Aquarists have all sorts of sizes of salt water aquariums. Square ones, rectangular ones, triangular ones and other shapes, sometimes a custom built aquarium.

Supporting these aquariums are various devices, such as skimmers, power heads, pumps, calcium reactors etc. The cost of many of these is pretty high.

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