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The Nano Reef Tank – Is It Suitable For The Beginner

When a beginner starts to research this hobby cost obviously becomes a factor and for very good reason. The larger the aquarium which is chosen the more equipment which is required, more water, more lighting, more salt etc. The list goes on and on. For this reason the potential saltwater

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Beginners Tip – Research And Plan Before Purchasing A Single Item

When you are considering starting a saltwater aquarium it is always tempting to rush to the shop with a pocketful of cash and purchase everything you need.

I know the feeling – I felt like doing exactly that when I started.

I could not wait to get my own saltwater aquarium, but I knew that I had to learn more about the subject before parting with my money.

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Good Starter Corals For The Beginner

When starting a new reef tank, especially if you are a beginner to the hobby as I am sure you may by now appreciate there is at times quite a lot to learn.

Starting a reef aquarium is only as hard as you allow it to be. Why learn all about advanced water chemistry for example at the very beginning – learn the basics first, get your aquarium running and then carry on reading, studying and learning.

Why make starting an aquarium harder by including corals in your aquarium where you have to learn a lot about how to care for and maintain them. There are some corals which are exceptionally hard to care for so why not keep some of the easier to keep corals whilst you are learning the basics and as you learn more and your aquarium ages then you can add more.

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Which To Choose – A Small Or Large Aquarium

Most aquarists are dictated to by circumstance. There is a really big aquarium, at a really good price, but one rather definite problem, and that is there’s nowhere to put it. So a smaller aquarium is chosen, but not by choice. However, even in the described circumstances, a smaller aquarium could be the one of choice.

Most aquarists dream big, visualizing that final aquarium that will bring the ultimate reef. In most cases, it never materializes. Some are lucky of course. There are some beautiful big reefs about.

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Starting A Marine Aquarium – The Very First Considerations

Seeing pictures of a healthy marine fish only or reef aquarium in books or on the internet, or even better, in reality at a public aquarium will cause just about anyone to appreciate the beauty and general fascination of them. Some people will wonder if they could have one, and the thought will shortly disappear. Others, however, will not forget so easily and will want to delve further into the possibility of their own aquarium.

If the potential aquarist knows a friend who already has a healthy marine aquarium, then there is a source of advice available already. The friend will already have been through all the research and considerations. Often, however, the potential aquarist will want to find out for him/herself. That is very good, as the aquarium system will be understood thoroughly. Then there may not be a known marine aquarist available, so what is the first move? Dashing to the local shop and buying an aquarium and a few bits of equipment that the shop says is needed is totally incorrect.

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What Happens If You Lose Power

This happened to me today – just as I was sitting down at the dinner table the power suddenly went off.

Up I jumped quick as a flash to make sure that the aquarium was ok – my wife was more concerned over the freezer and that all the food might defrost – she obviously needs to look at her priorities!

My son found it all highly amuzing watching his mummy and daddy running around the house leaving their dinners to go cold – and we didn’t even ask if we could leave the table.

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