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Aquascaping Your Aquarium

It does not matter if you have chosen live rock or ‘dead’ rock for your aquarium. There is one simple thing that you must do and that is ‘aquascaping’.

What this basically means is installing the rock into the aquarium so that it is stable, open and aesthetically pleasing.

The rock needs to be stable so that, funnily enough it does not fall over. If it is not built stable then the entire structure could fall over. At best you would have to rescape it. The worst scenario is that you could kill one of your aquarium inhabitants or even worse crack the aquarium!

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Natural Aquarium Filtration

In this post I will cover what I believe to be the most powerful form of filtration currently available to the saltwater aquarist. I agree that this aspect of filtration may not be for everyone, however by understanding what natural filtration is and how it works then you can implement the type of filtration which is best for you.

There are various types of natural based filtration available – all of which never ceases to amaze me. The diversity of organisms which is in the aquarium is huge, to me these are just as interesting as the fish and corals which we keep. There have been numerous times when I have been sat in front of the aquarium when all the lights are out with a torch (with a red bulb in it) staring into the aquarium watching all the life go about its business.

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Marine aquarium filtration – why must you

During my hours lunch break at work I decided to pop to my local fish shop to have a look around and have a cup of coffee with the owner and have a break from the pressures of work – it’s amazing how looking at salt water aquariums can take all the stress and pressure away.

Anyway whilst I was there chatting to the owner I overheard a couple of people talking – one of them was obviously thinking about starting a reef tank and they were chatting about marine aquarium filtration.

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