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What Happens If You Lose Power

This happened to me today – just as I was sitting down at the dinner table the power suddenly went off.

Up I jumped quick as a flash to make sure that the aquarium was ok – my wife was more concerned over the freezer and that all the food might defrost – she obviously needs to look at her priorities!

My son found it all highly amuzing watching his mummy and daddy running around the house leaving their dinners to go cold – and we didn’t even ask if we could leave the table.

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Old Tank Syndrome?

Aquarists who have been in the hobby for many years may recall a problem of the early days, “New Tank Syndrome”

New Tank Syndrome was when a newly set up salt water system failed to properly support livestock, or failed to support it at all. This was nearly always down to new aquarists being impatient and stocking too early and/or too heavily. In those days the normal procedure was to use under gravel filters or external canister filters.

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