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Seawater Changing – Always The Same?

  As has been repeated so many times before, seawater quality is the number one requirement for a successful marine aquarium. Having said that, is there any variation on the change regime? For a new marine aqurium the guideline amount to change is 10% of the net

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Natural Seawater – Is It Recommended?

Mother Nature provides the habitat for the livestock that we aquarists keep in our fish only aquariums or reef aquariums, and this, of course, is the wild reef. Mother Nature is also the provider of the other obvious essential, and that is seawater. Having written the above

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Seawater Changing

It can be a reef aquarium or fish only aquarium, large or small, but whatever it is there is a need for high water quality. When an aquarium system has been running for a time, the water quality can start to fall. Good husbandry practices can slow

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Testing Synthetic Seawater Against Natural Seawater

A couple of recent comments from users of natural seawater (NSW) started some questions in my mind. One question led to another and I ended up trying to think up a reasonably accurate way of proving the best. With NSW the question of potential pollution and the

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What Is Displacement

Unless I’m mistaken, it was a Greek called Archimedes who was having a bath one day. He filled the bath full, as the story goes, and climbed in. Of course, the bathwater overflowed. Archimedes puzzled a moment then, realizing what had happened, shouted ‘Eureka!’ and ran out naked. He had discovered displacement.

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Competition : Name Our Newsletter

Every month we publish a newsletter to all of our subscribers.

This newsletter covers various aspects from our personal aquariums, tips, advice, news and more. We are always on the lookout for information which we can provide.

Of course we also provide information on this site which we hope is beneficial to you.

The newsletter which we provide is a joint newsletter between Aquarists Online website and the Salt Water Aquarium website, however that is where we have a dilemma:

What in the world do we call it?

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Performing a water change

Looking around on You Tube I found a video about performing a water change.

It’s quite a well done video, very well put together. There are a few things that I think should have been included in it fro example he just pours water into a bucket and does not heat it up to temperature first. Of course you can perform a water change with cold water if you have an aquarium large enough but if your tank is smaller then I would not recommend it.

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