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Water Changes – Why Are They Performed

Part of all aquarists maintenance routine should be performing a water change on the aquarium. Water changes are not just limited to saltwater aquarium – all home aquariums have a requirement for their water to be changed. I was doing my water change today as part of my weekly maintenance

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Salinity In The Marine Aquarium

We all know that the fish and corals we keep are salt water creatures. That’s why we buy those expensive packets or buckets of dry salt mix.

Fish only or reef aquaria are normally kept at a specific gravity (SG) of 1022 to 1026. It has been said that it is advantageous to keep a fish only system at 1022, as it is claimed that certain pathogens do not do well at a lower SG. Fish can be treated for some infections by lowering the SG even more. Reef aquaria are normally kept at 1024 to 1026, this seems to be the usual.

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Performing a water change

Looking around on You Tube I found a video about performing a water change.

It’s quite a well done video, very well put together. There are a few things that I think should have been included in it fro example he just pours water into a bucket and does not heat it up to temperature first. Of course you can perform a water change with cold water if you have an aquarium large enough but if your tank is smaller then I would not recommend it.

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