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Closed Loop Circulation – What’s That Then

After water quality and then lighting water circulation, in my opinion comes next.

Not just any water circulation though – you can’t just chuck powerheads left right and centre into the aquarium and turn it into a washing machine – you have to create the right water flow.

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Water Circulation In The Aquarium – Why Is It So Important

The provision of water circulation in the saltwater aquarium is dependant upon what filtration method you are using and ultimately the life you are keeping in the aquarium.

A few methods as to how to create water movement has been detailed in some previous posts, however I realised that I have never actually gone into depth as to why water circulation is so important.

This is something I hope to rectify with this post.

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Why Is There Scum On The Water Surface

A couple of days ago we received an email from a young man who has just started out in this hobby and has setup a small salt water aquarium.

He was very apologetic for contacting us but had noticed that there was a large build up of what appeared to be scum on the water surface and was hoping that we would be able to help him find out what it was, is it detrimental and how does he remove it.

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Laminar Flow, Turbulence, Surge Flow – What’s All That Then?

It is said that water quality in the marine aquarium, whether the aquarium is a reef or fish only, is of paramount importance. I agree with that entirely, water quality is at the top of the major needs list.

Though not part of the actual water quality itself, water movement could be included as part of that requirement. If the potential water parameters are excellent, this can be degraded by poor water movement and also the wrong kind of movement.

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