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Can You Have Too Much Seawater Movement?

Seawater movement in a marine aquarium, whether it is a fish only or reef system, is important for the overall health of the environment. Adequate movement allows for oxygen intake at air/water interfaces, particularly the surface of the display aquarium. A high level of oxygen in the seawater is obviously

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Re-iterating The Importance Of Aquarium Water Movement

Seawater that is not moving or sluggish could be close to ‘dead’. In that condition it is not going to carry out the important functions that are necessary. I remember once reading in a marine hobby book that the aquarist needn’t worry too much about fish and seawater movement, the

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Aquarium Equipment – The Peristaltic Pump

Aquarists use different types of equipment to assist in the running of their aquariums. These can be very important ‘must haves’ such as a protein skimmer and circulation pumps, or labour saving devices such as an automated evaporation top-up device or calcium reactor. One piece of labour saving equipment is

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