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A Website To Help Keep Track Of Your Aquarium

There is a website which allows you to keep track of your aquarium online. The website is called Reefiris and is currently in Alpha mode which basically means that there may be some bugs present and some features which are not yet complete. As the site is in Alpha mode

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Aquarium Software To Assist You With Your Aquarium Maintenance

Maintaining the aquarium is an important aspect to this hobby. Fail to properly maintain the aquarium and ultimately it will quickly start to decline ending in livestock which is either unhappy or ultimately near to or at death. Both John and I are both strong believers in having a proper

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Magnesium – Why Is It Required In A Reef Tank

Magnesium is an element in the aquarium which is often neglected, however it is very important.

The topic of magnesium can be a very large and at times complex subject however in this short post I hope to provide only the information you need at present so you will know why magnesium is required and what levels you need to aim at maintaining it at.

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Tap Water – Is It Ok To Be Used

The new or not so new aquarist may be puzzled by the repeated advice to use purified tap water. So tap water is purified, use that. No.

The water coming out of the tap is purified by the local water authority. Regulations advise the amount of additional substances that are permitted, and, hopefully, the water authority meets that criteria. However, this is for human consumption. We can tolerate an amount of nitrate, phosphate, heavy metal such as copper etc. Obviously we can, we drink it, and clean our teeth with it. Our children do likewise. So what is this need for purification of the tap water for use in a salt water aquarium?

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