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Dissolved Oxygen In Seawater

Don’t worry; we’re not going all scientific. There’s no need to anyway, the detail the marine aquarist needs to know is straightforward. Oxygen is a very important dissolved gas in the seawater. The livestock need it to survive as we do – no oxygen, no life. If

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Record Your Parameters

Once the aquarium is up and running then the aquarist should stand back and admire it. This relaxing period is well deserved, after all a lot of time has been spent in planning and obtaining equipment never mind the cost of it all. When the aquarium is

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Step By Step Seawater Change

Routine seawater changes are recommended for good reasons, for example minimising nitrate, re-introducing trace elements removed by protein skimming and/or activated carbon, and general freshening up. The guideline for the amount of seawater to change is 10% of the total system net gallonage. This amount can vary

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Ph In The Marine Aquarium

The quality of the seawater in the aquarium is of paramount importance. There are basic parameters that need to be correct and stable, and one of these is pH. There isn’t going to be any scientific mumbo jumbo here, but the foundations of pH need to be

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Water Testing – And Not Just The Water In The Aquarium

There is an area which I belive at lot of aquarists either do not know they need to do or in some case forget to do.

Aquarists should test the water in the aquarium on a regular basis to ensure that everything is correct and stability is mainteined, however there is another area which needs to be tested periodically.

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Aquarium pH – What Is It? How Is It Controlled?

In a marine aquarium the pH measurement is of great importance. Marine aquarists routinely test their seawater pH level, but what is pH? It is not intended to go into great scientific detail but to give a general explanation of the term. For those who want to delve into the scientific world, I’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere. I’ll also give a little information on its control.

First of all, pH is a measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of our seawater. The measurements are set against a scale which runs from 0 to 14. The centre of the scale, 7, is neutral. 0 is acid and 14 is alkaline. Out of interest, Sulfuric acid measures 0, and Sodium hydroxide measures 14.

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Aquarium Water Testing And Parameters

Maintaining good water quality in any aquarium, especially a saltwater aquarium is essential. Testing your water parameters is something which should be part of your regular maintenance schedule.

However, although you test for them do you know what each one is for and why it is important – quite a few people don’t and just test the water (which is a good thing) but in my opinion it is also good to understand what each one does.

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