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We’ve Created Some Test Charts To Assist You

Aquarium maintenance is a necessary job, one which keeps the marine aquarium looking as good as it should with all the livestock healthy. Some aquarists enjoy it, some don’t. Keeping a notebook to remember those items that need to be done from time to time is a

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Phew! What A Smell

Every time I sit and gaze at the aquarium, the gazing interlude is preceded by a visual glance at the main equipment – heaters, skimmer and the like. I also do this just before I feed, it only takes seconds and becomes second nature. So there was

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Water Hardness – What Is It?

Water hardness in the marine aquarium is important. The term ‘water hardness’ is maybe too general. It would probably be better to call it carbonate hardness. Another term that is perhaps more recognised in marine hobby circles is alkalinity. In the sea, the measurement is around 8

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