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Salt water aquarium packages

When potential aquarists start looking into the possibility of starting their own salt water aquarium there is one thing which is often quite daunting – equipment.

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Keeping a tank of marine fish

A lot of people get confused when they are interested in keeping a tank of marine fish. I was lucky when I first started as I had my dad to keep me on track and ensure that I did not get things wrong.

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DIY reef aquarium sumps

Sumps are being used more and more in the salt water aquarium hobby nowadays. The reason is that a lot of the required equipment can be hidden from view in the [tag-tec]aquarium sump[/tag-tec]. Equipment such as protein skimmers, heaters, calcium reactors etc. A lot of people nowadays

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Starting a marine aquarium reef tank

The beauty of the reef mixed with the challenge of starting a marine aquarium reef tank, so that you can have your very own slice of the reef in your own home, has meant that more and more people all over the world are considering starting a marine aquarium reef tank.

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Aquarium lighting for reef tanks.

A topic that is not discussed very often is aquarium lighting for reef tanks. Although this topic is not discussed very much it is very important within a salt water reef tank.

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Starting a salt water aquarium does not need to be hard

Life on a reef in nature is a truly wonderful thing to behold. There are so many vibrant colours, so much movement and an enormous abundance of life that there is no small wonder that so many people all over the world are now keeping salt water based life in aquariums in their own homes.

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