We’re home!

Well I have to say that we all had an absolutely fantastic time – lazing on the beach, swimming in the pool, spending quality fun time with the family and lot’s more.

Our aquariums were all fine when we returned, the skimmers need emptying and a good clean as well as the glass which needed a scrub to remove the build up of algae. No losses to speak of and I am sure that the corals are larger now than when we went!

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Natural Aquarium Lighting

The great majority of aquarists light their aquariums with halide bulbs or fluorescent tubes or a combination of both.

Huge strides have been made in the manufacture of suitable lighting for aquarists. There is a wide choice of Kelvin (K) rating in both fluorescent and halide, and a choice of power (W) at least in halides, though there are T8’s, T5’s and power compacts in fluorescents. Science produces as near as possible the light needed by reef life.

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Aquarium care

Making the decision to start a salt water aquarium is a big decision and is certainly not a decision which should be taken lightly.

There are so many occasions that I see or hear about salt water aquarium’s being started because they have seen the colourful fish and corals in a pet shop or seen something on television and thought to themselves:

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Using a UV sterilizer in a reef tank

What is the sterilizer? It is a container, usually in a near tube shape, in which an ultraviolet (UV) fluorescent lamp is contained. The lamp emits light at around 254 nm. The lamp is constructed of quartz glass to prevent the UV being absorbed as it would be if ordinary glass were used. The lamp is in a container of its own to shield it from the water, and then there is an outer container. The space between the containers is very small allowing full penetration of UV light. The water is passed between the outer and inner containers by a pump or power head.

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Reef Aquarium Pests

As with most hobbies there are some things that are definitely undesirable. Keeping a saltwater reef aquarium or saltwater fish only aquarium is a most fulfilling hobby, but irritating problems can occur.

For example, outbreaks of filamentous green algae, brown/black/red smear algae, glass anemones and bubble algae (sailor’s eyeball algae) are four of the major culprits. These problems can develop into major headaches if proper action during setting-up and the following care and maintenance are not taken.

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DIY aquarium backgrounds

One of the questions which I am asked quite a lot is how do I hide all the plumbing and/or wires around the back of the tank so that they are not visible from the front.

And I agree it does not look natural. You set your aquarium up and all the rock is aquascaped perfectly yet all you can see through the back of the tank is the wall, wires, pipework etc.

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