Aquarium update

What a couple of days!

Got all the rock work into position – nice looking rock, covered in corraline algae and should provide an effective filtration system. The wave box is now in position and producing currents quite nicely, no dead spots anywhere. I have also installed a spray bar along the lower rear of the tank which is fed by one of the return pumps so that any detritus build up will be kept in suspension.

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New aquarium!

Well, I am now looking after 2 aquariums! One is mine and the other is a friends which I am looking after whilst he is moving home. When I say moving home it must take him a while as he has asked me to look after it for about 6 months and then he will decide if he wants to keep it or not.

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DIY reef aquarium sumps

Sumps are being used more and more in the salt water aquarium hobby nowadays. The reason is that a lot of the required equipment can be hidden from view in the [tag-tec]aquarium sump[/tag-tec]. Equipment such as protein skimmers, heaters, calcium reactors etc. A lot of people nowadays are also using

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